Let Rick Dean Tell Your Wedding Story In Charleston, SC And Beyond…

Offering a blended, comfortable style creating timeless wedding day images

What are you looking for in a wedding photographer? It’s our experience that most clients want a photographer who will help them make it through the day by making them laugh, while taking great photos. They want photos with colors that pop, that convey an appreciation of the locale, and that give a sense of how the day has progressed.

At Rick Dean Photography, we achieve this through a style that we call “observational and directive.” We know that some great moments in your wedding just occur, and we capture them, but some others need a slight bit of staging to capture the magic. We pride ourselves in being client-centered, so we take the time to give you what you want, do our work with a smile, and deliver top-quality work that will keep your memories fresh for a lifetime.

…timeless, not trend…

Let Rick Dean Capture the essence of your family

Most family portraits are done on the beach because that is what my clients want. These sessions are usually the last hour before sunset, aka “the golden hour.”

Many portraits are multi-generational with some pretty active kids that don’t really care about what is going on. This should not be a concern. I tell every adult and older child, “you just look at me and smile pretty. I will worry about whether the little ones are doing the same.”

The goal is a great set of images that you will want to share and display that captures your family at this moment.

…timeless, not trend…