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Choosing your Photographer

There are many questions to consider when searching for your wedding photographer. Will your photographer capture the type and quality of images that you expect? Can your photographer work in difficult lighting situations? Does your photographer have a plan in case of equipment failure? Can he or she adapt to changing weather and make the best of an ordinary room when you hoped for a wedding on the beach? How will your photographer communicate with you, your guests, and the other vendors at your ceremony? Finally, how will your photographer handle your precious images after the big day?

At Rick Dean Photography, we believe that couples are happiest when they find a quality photographer who also complements their photographic and personality styles. Our photographers have the creative vision and technical expertise to capture stunning images of you and your family, as well as the experience and poise to communicate effectively with you and the many people who work together to make your wedding day a success. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you navigate the many dynamics of a wedding day to capture the moments that matter most to you.

Once your special day is over, our dedicated work is not. A former client put it best when she said, “You don’t just take the pictures; you take care of the pictures!” You will find this to be true once you see the results. Rick Dean Photography fine tunes every shot and corrects and retouches images as needed.
Furthermore, we only deal with printers and album vendors who provide us with a proofing profile. This allows us to see on our monitors exactly what will be printed. From your first contact to your final images, Rick Dean Photography aims to make your wedding photography experience as smooth and rewarding as possible. Give us a call and let us help you make your wedding memories last a lifetime.

Charleston Wedding Photography

charleston destination wedding

Now that Charleston, SC is the second most popular wedding spot in the country, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the countless options for venues, photographers, caterers, and more. When it comes to finding your photographer, then, why should you choose Rick Dean Photography? The answer is simple: We have some of the best professional photographers in all of South Carolina. Our team of experts understand how important your wedding photographs are, and we approach each wedding with the same care we would use if we were photographing our own wedding day.

Your wedding is a day you’ll never want to forget, and the task of capturing it is one you want to entrust to a consummate professional. All of our photographers are industry veterans who bring decades of personal and professional experience to their wedding and portrait photography. We combine traditional, directive, and photojournalistic techniques to create truly one-of-a-kind images of your momentous day. Rick Dean Photography understand that each client has a unique aesthetic in mind and we use our creative talent and knowledge to make your creative visions a reality. By choosing Rick Dean Photography’s seasoned wedding photographers, you can rest assured that you will receive the breathtaking shots you’ve always dreamed of.

For a better idea of our work and services, please browse the online galleries and take a look at the packages listed online. There are many wedding photographers in Charleston, SC, but none can help you remember the beauty, elegance, and fun of your special day like the experienced artists at Rick Dean Photography. Call us today at (843) 822-0371 to discuss your photographic plans and dreams so we can discuss how we can help you create them.

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Destination Weddings

Rick Dean caters to brides and grooms who reside locally in Charleston, to those who choose Charleston for their destination wedding, and to those who want us to travel to another destination.

If you are traveling to Charleston for your wedding, you can rest assured that Rick Dean Photography will help you capture the facets of Charleston that made you choose to marry in our beautiful city. As local professionals who know the area and its many wedding vendors, we can help you capture the best of Charleston and will do so with respect and care to any religious or historic sites you plan to visit. We can also help you find beautiful locations for engagement sessions and wedding day portraits that fit your style and interests.

The artists at Rick Dean  Photography are also experienced professionals when it comes to traveling to destination weddings in other locations. Our mastery of the Charleston wedding world and its diverse demands has taught us to adapt to new locations with ease. We especially love traveling to destination weddings with brides and grooms based in Charleston. We always welcome the opportunity to meet local brides and grooms for engagement shoots in Charleston before we depart for the next destination, as these shoots are a great way to learn each other’s style and preferences. Working with a photographer from Charleston also assures that you will have stylistic continuity between your engagement and your wedding photos. Ultimately, we believe that the travel costs for our team are more than offset by the comfort and assurance of working with our talented, reliable, and thoughtful team and all of the time we put into building relationships with our clients and into honing our craft.

Whether you plan to have Rick Dean Photography travel to you or plan to travel to us, you can feel confident that our photographers will provide you with exceptional style, value, professionalism, and communication. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and to capture your destination wedding, whether that destination is down the street or across the world.