Hunt + Hamilton Wed at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island

Family, best friends and an amazing sunset were all that was needed to make this wedding one for the ages.

On November 15th, 2014, Jennifer and Chris held an intimate ceremony at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. It was a brisk but gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky, and The Gypsy Jazz Duo‘s notes traveled through the fall breeze while Jennifer walked down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.

Jenn’s dress was stunning!  Probably one of the most original I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot!). This gown was actually her maternal grandmothers’s wedding dress that she wore back in 1949. This beautiful gown was made for her grandmother by an Indiana designer, and when Jenn saw it she knew it was the perfect “something old” for her wedding ensemble.


She retooled the gown to fit her personal style and body shape, but when she was finished I don’t think she could have found a more perfect dress! I had asked about the designer of the dress so that we could blog about it because I loved it so much. Jenn’s mother, Trina could not find any information on the designer but did find the newspaper wedding announcement from Jenn’s grandparents nuptials, and I wanted to share with you the verbiage used to describe this stunning gown in its original design as worn by Jenn’s grandmother.

It said, “The bride’s blush pink slipper satin gown is fashioned with a bateau neckline and tapered sleeves outlined with satin braid openwork.  Her hooped skirt extends into a train.  Her pink illusion veil will shower from a seed pearl encrusted tiara.”


All I can say is WOW!

A special thank you to their officiant, Doug Farmer from Charleston Wedding Officiant who conducted a beautiful ceremony, and Charleston Virtuosi for providing both the ceremony and reception tunes, The Gypsy Jazz Duo and DJ Jake B. Thank you Elaine’s Events for designing a beautiful and tasty cake, and Out of the Garden for putting together the gorgeous array of flowers.

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Charleston wedding photography by Rick Dean Photography serving Kiawah Island, Charleston, SC and beyond.



Charleston Wedding Photographer

Hunt + Hamilton ©Rick Dean Photography

Charleston Wedding Photographer

Hunt + Hamilton ©Rick Dean Photography


Charleston Wedding Photographer

Hunt + Hamilton ©Rick Dean Photography

Charleston Wedding Photographer

Hunt + Hamilton ©Rick Dean Photography

Charleston Wedding Photographer

Hunt + Hamilton ©Rick Dean Photography

Charleston Wedding Photographer

Hunt + Hamilton ©Rick Dean Photography

Charleston Wedding Photographer

Hunt + Hamilton ©Rick Dean Photography

Unity Ceremony Traditions

Choosing to add a unity ceremony is one way to customize your wedding. You could decide to pick a unity ceremony based on your wedding theme or what represents you as a couple, some ceremonies are very common and others are completly unique, but it all just depends on which one suits you and your partner the most!

Unity Candle:

This ritual is commonly used with the Chrisitan religion, but can be used in many different style weddings. The unity candle ceremony starts off with two smaller candles, each representing one another as an individual. It is important for each person to know who they are and where they came from, and with their candle they place them together to light the bigger candle which represents their new life together. When the two lights combine it creates a love bigger and brighter than when the candle is alone.





Jumping the Broom:

This tradition started in the UK and was later adopted by the African Americans in the 1840-1850’s when slavery prohibitted to wed. Some African Americas will choose this tradition in honor of their ancestors. The couple can decorate the broom in silk sashes, and after the couple’s first kiss they jump over the broom as they proceed to walk down the isle!


Binding two lovers hands is truly heart warming. The officiate shares a few words about how these hands will provide for one another, how they will be there for when they are sick and how they will always be there to hold them. Usually the hands are bonded with rope or a silk sash, and sometimes the bride and groom will invite a family member or members to be apart of this unity making this bond more concrete.

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Unity Sand:

This ritual is has the same concept as the unity candle, but provides the couple with a tangible reminder of their union. Like the candles, both the bride and the groom hold a small individual glass vase of colored sand symbolizing their life prior to their marriage. Then the bride and groom will simultaniously pour the sand into a larger vase, creating a beautiful piece of art, which will serve as a constant reminder of the vows that were shared on their wedding day! This is also the perfect unity to incorporate your children, so they feel just as much apart of this union as the bride and groom.







Tying The Knot:

I was overwelmed with the wide array of knots that can be used for the knot unity, but whoever conducting your ceremony will annouce the knot you choose specifically for your wedding and what it represents. Essentially, these two ropes symbolizes the bride and grooms past life, and when you tie them together they are pledging to a new life together. Their marriage will only grow stronger with pressure, and the rope itself will break before coming undone. Whether you are a fisherman or a sailor, this knot could really “tie” together your theme perfectly!


To see the different varities go to :

Love Letter Box:

This is a very romantic ritual, because this gives the couple an opportunity to express in writing the true reasons why they chose each other. At the wedding ceremony the couple will place their letters in a box and will conceal them in until their 10th wedding anniversary (or whatever anniversary they choose). You could even spice it up and add a bottle of wine, so when the both of you are reminicing of that special day, you can enjoy it even more with a tastey bottle of aged wine!


Planting A Tree:

For the eco-friendly bride and groom, this ritual is a living lifetime reminder that just like a tree or plant, marriage also requires tender love and nourishment. During the ceremony, the bride and groom will simultaniously pour soil into a pot where the partially planted tree will sit. The plant represents their love by bonding through the sunny days, even during the droughts, and the roots represent their marriage because they will only grow stronger with time.

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Your Wedding Playbill aka Your Program


I love going to the theatre to experience a live performance. I arrive early so I have time to flip through the program. I like to get the “lay of the land”, to know who is involved in the production. That way I can sit back and really be present in the experience.

The same holds true for your wedding. Providing a program allow guests to be present in the experience.

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Guests will be sitting, anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin. They remember your challenge of narrowing your list of friends to the 14 that make up your wedding party. So who made the cut? Guests have met your sister, the Maid of Honor, but forgot her name. They know there is a historical connection to the church, but details are beyond recall. There are times during the ceremony the “People Respond”, but what is said?

Items to include in your program really depends on your ceremony. Most include the following:

1. Full name of the couple, date, time & location of the ceremony.
2. Names of everyone in your wedding party including parents, officiants & readers.
3. The order of your ceremony. It’s nice to include titles of readings & music performed.
4. A note of thanks to family and friends in attendance.
5. A memorial to those who are present in spirit.


Due to the number of historic venues in the Lowcountry, it’s appropriate to include a brief history of your ceremony venue and how it is significant to you and your family.

If the ceremony and reception are at two locations, provide a map & drive time. Since the majority of weddings in Charleston include a large number of out-of-town guests, provide tourist sights to be seen, if time permits, between ceremony and reception.



Programs can take several different forms & styles. Match the design with the mood & feel of your ceremony.

20_20150212090123_6264848_medium  20_20150212090105_6264842_medium  20_20150212090055_6264839_medium

And make sure your wedding photographer captures the detail and placement at the entrance.


Action shots are also fun to have.

20_20150212090050_6264838_medium  20_20150212090002_6264825_medium  20_20150212090008_6264826_medium

Take the time needed to design your program and relax knowing your guests will be present in your ceremony.

Canady + Price Wed At Founder’s Hall

Brooke and Thomas met their freshman year at Clemson. Thomas was the very first person that Brooke laid eyes on when she was moving into her dorm room, and even though she thought he talked too much, the two became good friends. As their friendship grew closer, Thomas finally mustered up the courage to ask if she would be his girlfriend. He told her, “Brooke, the way I see it is… I’m going to be with you for the rest of my life anyway, so we might as well start dating now.” He was right. Last year when they were vacationing in Disney World, he bent down on one knee and proved to Brooke that dreams really do come true.

Thomas was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, and Brooke lived in a small town just outside of Charleston, so deciding the location to get married was a breeze! The couple locked down their date for November 8th, 2014 at the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian church. Before the ceremony, the bride and groom shared a quick hand squeeze to express their excitement of getting married. You could feel the anticipation and yearning to hold and kiss one another!

After the beautiful ceremony, everyone proceed to Founders Hall for a night of dancing and celebrating! It was the perfect night to start this new chapter together.

A special thank you to to Technical Event Company, Carolina’s Executive Limo for providing the trolly and get-a-way vehicle,and Mix Premiere Bartending for the delicious drinks!

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Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography


Canady + Price Wedding ©Rick Dean Photography

Stein + Benning Wed At The White Point Gardens

Misti and Dustin currently reside in a quaint little town in Iowa. Before their engagement, already knowing that they were the one for each other, the couple loved discussing the idea of having a destination wedding. Charleston was on their “bucket list” of places to visit, and after Dustin popped the question they decided this was the perfect opportunity for them to not only experience Charleston, but for them to have a romantic place to go and reminisce of this joyous occasion.

What better place to celebrate their matrimony than in the historic White Point Gardens under the large, majestic oaks and surrounded by the stunning waterfront views. Since they had a very intimate wedding with just their closest friends and family, the gazebo located in the center of the park was the perfect venue to host their ceremony.

After their “I do’s”, the guests did a bubble send off as the couple proceeded to the harbor. It was a gorgeous November evening, and we couldn’t have been more excited to capture the newlywed’s portraits under the breath-taking sunset.

Misti’s bouquet was absolutely perfect! The choice of orange and red accents on the flowers accompanied with the red berries added a nice touch of color for their fall wedding.

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Charleston wedding photography by Rick Dean Photography serving Charleston, SC and beyond.


Stein + Benning ©Rick Dean Photography


Stein + Benning ©Rick Dean Photography


Stein + Benning ©Rick Dean Photography


Stein + Benning ©Rick Dean Photography


Stein + Benning ©Rick Dean Photography


Stein + Benning ©Rick Dean Photography


Stein + Benning ©Rick Dean Photography