Meet the Rick Dean Photography Team

The legal name of our company is “Rick Dean Photography” but in actuality it should be “Rick Dean & The Amazing Professional Team He Has Put Together”.

At each and every wedding, big or small, we use a team approach to capture your special day. Yes we may have different titles: Lead Photographer, Second Photographer, Photo Assistant, Dress Fluffer/Bride’s Assistant. But we work as a team with a single goal in mind. To make your wedding day the fun, magical event you dreamed of.

If your wedding package includes a Second Photographer, that position will be filled with Stan or Lisa.   Our second shooters are all pros so it’s like having two lead photographers!  We do not use interns in the lead or secondary role.

Our assistants do more than just schlepping camera equipment for our photographers.  They are another set of eyes making sure that every detail is in place and every special moment is captured. Between setting up lights for wedding party shots and fluffing the dress, they will run to get water, cocktails and/or hairspray  for the bride and find the one groomsmen who slipped away before photos were done. Whatever it takes to get the perfect shot, they will do it.

To get more information about each of our team members and see images shot by each photographer, please select from the images below.

Rick Dean

Stan Foxworthy

Lisa Livington