Polished And Posed Wedding Party

A Polished And Posed Wedding Party

Charleston wedding traditions have certainly changed over the years but a few have withstood the test of time. One tradition that continues with 99% of our clients is the wedding party. The couple each has a set of close friends and family members standing up with them during the ceremony. Tradition requires the taking of formal pictures of the group. If you hire Rick Dean Photography, we will capture beautiful traditional images before, during and after your ceremony.

We have great fun adding a little Charleston twist to traditional group shots. Of course you can always use your veto power to kill any suggestions we have. But due to our expert assessment skills, we usually are right on the money in matching your personalities with fun, yet traditional poses. A wedding party lined up sitting barefoot on a dock is classic Charleston. So are images taken on the piazza of a Charleston single house or with a beautiful marsh views in the background. Traditional, polished and posed, just as it should be.