Rick Dean

Rick Dean


Photography has been my creative outlet throughout my life that helped define who I am as a person.

I started shooting weddings in the early 2000s while living in Chicago. I took a seven-year hiatus from weddings but picked it up again in 2007 after moving to Charleston. Hmmm, you started shooting weddings 18 years ago?

So who am I?

Let’s be honest here. I am probably older than your parents. But I am young at heart and am a great wedding photographer.  If you are looking for great timeless images then I am your guy. If you are looking for the latest trend in weddings where your wedding day blue sky is washed out and white, then you need to know that is not me.

I use off-camera flash because I love vibrant colors and I need the light to make that possible. I will do whatever it takes to get “the shot” as long as I am not breaking any laws or church rules.

You will always be “on-time” with me. I know you want to be with your guests so I will always tell you the best way to get it all done so you can enjoy your event.

I will tell you that “of the moment” aka candid wedding photography is, for the most part, a myth. Making sure I am in the right place at the exact time is impossible unless I know what is happening. Those “great moment” shots that everyone wants are usually staged.

I have been told at least once at every wedding – “I wish you were my wedding photographer.”

But enough already with the “I’m a great photographer.” Of all the folks you hire, you need to really enjoy being with your wedding photographer. I am with you all day, and sometimes in your personal space. I am one of the first vendors you see on your wedding day and also one of the last. I follow you and watch you and ask you to “create a moment” to make sure I capture all that you dreamed of for this day.

That is it. This is me. Oh, one more thing. I LOVE MY JOB!