Rick Dean

Rick Dean

Owner and Lead Photographer

Photography has been my creative outlet throughout my life that helped define who I am as a person. My photographic career started as a fine art photographer exhibiting in Chicago gallery spaces.

But enough already with the “I’m a “fab” photographer”… on your wedding day you need to like me cause I am the one vendor that follows your every move on your wedding day and needs to make you smile even when Aunt Betsy is driving you absolutely crazy.

So who am I?

My three sisters think I am incredible funny.  Actually I am not sure where some of my random thoughts come from they just appear.

I am a world traveler.  I have traveled through 5 of the 7 continents but will probably only end up with 6 because I have no interest in going to Antarctica.   My “its part of my soul” city in the world is Paris, France.  My “gotta get away” place is Provincetown, MA.    Don’t ask about a favorite vacation because they are all my favorite for different reasons.

I have been with with husband Gary for over 25 years but officially married only 3 years when it became legal. We actually tied the knot on Provincetown.

My favorite time of day is sunset.  I am NOT a morning person.  Without an alarm, I could sleep until noon… but of course, I don’t!

My favorite meal is a crusty french baguette, cheese, olives and red wine although pizza and Indian food are close seconds.  Just for kicks after dining at a restaurant, I love writing a review and post it on TripAdvisor.

I love dogs but with my weekends being so crazy I can’t have one but I do get to dogsit my sister’s dog Mikili who I call Moof because she is a huge and silly.  So my “dog replacement unit” is a 75 gallon saltwater reef tank.

I am deathly afraid of heights but for some reason after being lied to by a Hot Air Balloon captain, I found I LOVE hot air ballooning… but still can not go on the roof of my house or stand near the edge of the Grand Canyon.

And lastly…….I LOVE MY JOB!