Q) How far out should we reserve your services?

A) There is no set time. However, the average time is 6-9 months . If you are getting married on a Saturday in May or October I would suggest sooner as those dates may book 12-15 months out.


Q) What do you require to secure a date?

A) All services require a signed contract and a paid retainer. The retainer is generally 50% of the total fees. However, I am open to your needs.


Q) How many images will I get and how long does it take until we see them?

A) You will see highlights in about 2-4 weeks after your event. Please keep in mind that on your wedding day we may shoot anywhere from 2000-4000 images. It takes time to edit them all and then process the 600-1200 “best of the best” images into your cherished wedding story. So please expect to see your complete wedding posted in approximately 8-10 weeks. Sometimes sooner…. depends on the time of year.


Q) What is a “First Look”?

A) A first look is when we set up a special time for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony begins. Sometimes this is just for the bride and groom, but some folks want their family and wedding party there as well. Not only does this eleviate someof the stress of the day and makes for some magical images, but it also creats a time to get some of those “required” family shots done beforehand so that you can enjoy more time with your guests after the ceremony.


Q) What is your style?

A) I shoot weddings with a blend of styles to make sure that I capture your wedding day story as you want it to be told. Sometimes that requires a photojournalism approach, others times a more traditional approach. But I think what sets me apart is I also employ what I call “observationally directive”. What I mean is… there is magic in every moment. But sometimes to have to pull that magic out of a nervous bride or groom. I will do what needs to be done by asking a question or asking one of you to look there or whisper this… all to make sure that “it” happens. Every great movie has a great director… why shouldn’t your wedding images have the same support. But at the end of the day, I hoe that you will want to say. “Wow, totally forgot that you were there! How did you do that?”


Q) I want the rights to images. How do I get that?

A) Some of our collections include high resolution images that include a license that gives the client the right to reproduce the photographs for their own personal use. However, the copyright for all images shot by Rick Dean Photography is maintained by us.


More Questions? Please contact us.